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Open Matches are a regular feature at Greensands with weights up to and over 100lbs during the summer months with backing weights in excess of 50lbs.

The complex offers 2 purpose built lakes each consisting of 20 pegs with a uniformed depth of around 5 feet in the middle and 13 meters wide.

Best baits are often dependent on the time of year, but in general pellet and maggot tend to be the most successful bait choice. Paste fishing is also permitted and has accounted for some very large weights during the summer months.

Andy Kleen
with 28lbs

Pete Nash
with part of his impressive 109lbs

Malcolm Theakstone
2nd place (651lbs)

The Weigh In

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Safety Notice

Please note: the fishery, at times, may be
wet and slippery, extra care needs to be taken to avoid the risk of falls.